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May ends in June!梅姨宣布6月7日辞职下台! – 他乡

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Conservative MPs believe Mrs May could announce plans to quit as Tory leader on June 10, enabling her to receive Donald Trump on a state visit on June 3-5. 610635 ".

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"Our politics may be under strain, but there is so much that is good about this country." Theresa May has said she will quit as Conservative leader on June 7, paving the way for a contest to decide a new prime minister.

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"67" "I am today announcing that I will resign as Conservative leader on Friday 7 June. "1922" "I have agreed with the party chairman that the process for electing a new leader will begin in the following.

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The incidents may or may not be connected. Up to five inches of snow may cover the mountains in winter.

PRIME MINISTER THERESA MAY: So I am today announcing that I will resign as leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party on Friday the 7 of June so that a successor can be chosen. KING: May was under pressure to step down after her plans for Brexit, Britain’s planned separation from the European Union, failed several times. NPR’s Frank Langfitt.

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On June 7, Theresa May officially stepped down head of the Tory party in UK. Traditionally, the party head is also the Prime Minister. But this date has very little importance really: We knew she would do so since May 24, and we don’t know her successor yet: Finding him or her will take until end of July at least, and May continues as interim Prime Minister until then. Time to reflect upon.