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RBI slashes repo rate by 25 bps; your home, vehicle loan EMIs may come down

Home And Car Buyers Can Hope For Cheaper Loans. Indian economy is facing global uncertainty. At the same time, economic growth is also very slow. In the last two policy reviews, RBI had decreased its lending or repo-rate by 25 basis points from 6.5% to 6%. It is the rate at which the RBI lends money to the banks.

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The Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), in its third bi-monthly statement, hiked the key repo rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 6.50 per cent.

RBI cuts repo rate by 25 bps to 6%, loans may get cheaper. In May, the bank cut rates on home loans of up to Rs 30 lakh by 25 basis points (0.25 per cent) for new borrowers in a bid to cash in on the demand generated by the Narendra Modi government’s efforts to push for affordable housing. The rate was reduced to 8.35 per cent from 8.60 per cent.

The existing and the potential home loan borrowers got this good news on June 6, 2019, when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) slashed the repo rate by 25 basis points (bps), bringing it down to 5.75%. This is the third consecutive rate cut by the central bank this calendar year.

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New Delhi, Apr 04: The Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee on Thursday announced a reduction in repo rate by 25 basis points or 0.25 per cent to 6 per cent, in an attempt to propel.

The Reserve Bank of India has slashed its repo rate by 25 basis points for the third time in a row. The repo rate, which now stands at 5.75 per cent, is the rate at which Reserve Bank of India.

RBI repo rate cut highlights: shaktikanta das slashes rate by 25 bps; set to bring relief to home loan takers, banks, NBFC, other lenders The RBI Monetary Policy review decision is in line with the expectations and it would have a positive impact on the Indian economy as a liquidity crisis has been addressed.

We are talking about the recent RBI Monetary policy of reducing the Repo Rate Against the market’s expectation of a 25 basis points cut. turn would mean EMIs or equated monthly installments for.

rbi repo rate hiked to 6.25%, your home, personal loan EMIs set to increase The RBI repo rate hike will have a direct impact on deposits and lending of banks, which in turn would weigh on EMIs a borrower pays for his loans, either personal, home or auto.