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The time is right to rethink long-term financing options for solar projects

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Financing Solutions We offer simple financing programs that make it easier than ever for individuals to purchase the solar sys tem they need. These solutions offer homeowners the chance to manage the initial costs of a solar install, and were specifically designed for those with and without equity in their home, helping to further ensure that the system needed is within reach.

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There are three factors driving the prevalence of solar project finance: Savvy buyers employ a "matching strategy" to reduce solar project finance exposure and risk by tying the duration of the asset’s financing to its lifespan. A well installed solar facility should produce energy for 30+ years, so longer term financing makes sense.

The Borrower’s Guide to Financing Solar Energy Systems: A federal overviewprovides information that can assist both lenders and consumers in financing solar energy systems, which include both solar electric (photovoltaic) and solar thermal systems. This guide also includes information about other ways to make solar energy systems more affordable,

The time is right to rethink long-term financing options for solar projects. Yet inefficient and costly project financing inhibits many solar developers from tapping into the market’s true potential.. The time is right to rethink long-term financing options for solar projects Noticias.

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Another financing option is Fannie Mae’s new HomeStyle Energy mortgage. Dr. Elaine Ulrich Essentially, what that does is if folks go through and they get what’s called a HERS rating, a home energy score that’s done, then they can borrow 15% beyond the value of the home in order to purchase solar.

The solar financing landscape has changed in the last two years and there are now more options available than ever before. Going back to 2013 and 2014 only large solar companies like SolarCity and Vivint Solar had the back end finance in place to offer zero down solar to their clients and as such these large solar companies dominated the market.