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U.S. House Democrats vote to rebuke new consumer agency management

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And Rep. Al Green of Texas was trying to force a House vote soon on whether to impeach Trump – a move he’s tried in the past but lost, earning opposition from most Democrats.

Senate Democrats introduced a new disaster aid proposal to provide. Pelosi made clear the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement won’t be brought to the House floor for a vote until Mexico overhauls its.

Tuesday’s vote was 240-187 and was solidly opposed by Republicans. It came after Trump and top congressional republicans denied he is a racist and urged gop lawmakers to oppose the Democratic measure.

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White House Office of Management and Budget. ballots will step in should the new voting system set to be in place by the presidential primary elections, falters Government says day after rejecting.

The Democratic-led House voted Tuesday night to condemn President Donald Trump’s "racist comments" against four congresswomen, despite GOP protest.

Two days after Trump tweeted that four Democratic freshmen should "go back" to their home countries – though all are citizens and three were born in the U.S.A. – Democrats muscled the resolution through the chamber by 240-187 over near-solid gop opposition. The rebuke was an embarrassing one for Trump even though it carries no legal repercussions, but if anything his latest harangues.

The honeymoon for Republicans and Democrats in the Ohio House may stop when it comes to guns Read more U.S. House Democrats vote to rebuke new consumer agency management Read more

WASHINGTON-Republicans closed ranks Monday to block democrats’ overhaul of financial regulation, a standoff that throws the sweeping legislation into a period of uncertainty. On a 57-41 vote,

Moving into 2019, the new Democratic majority in the U.S. House can serve as a check on the administration, a role democratic state attorneys general played in Grewal’s first year, he says. That will.