CRA pursues real estate tax cheats to the tune of $1 billion


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Auditor General Michael Ferguson highlighted a double standard that many Canadians have personally experienced, where the cra aggressively pursues regular. has added more than $1 billion to the CRA.

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 · An unregistered Vancouver mortgage broker may have arranged over half a billion dollars in loans, as well as real estate licensees that he used to facilitate his unregistered mortgage broker activities.. CRA pursues real estate tax cheats to the tune of $1 billion; Email to a Friend. Your Email Address: * Your Name:.

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More than $400 million from B.C. added to federal coffers; even tougher crackdown to comeSince the canada revenue agency (cra) starting cracking down on real estate tax evasion in 2015, more than $1 billion dollars in tax revenue has been recovered, the CRA announced May 30. Most of this income came from more than 34,000 audited files in Ontario, adding more than $600 million to federal.

CRA pursues real estate tax cheats to the tune of $1 billion – The tri-city news. cra pursues real estate tax cheats to the tune of $1 billion – The Tri-City News | Powered by WPeMatico. homebuyers escape high housing costs by relocating to secondary cities -.

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CRA pursues real estate tax cheats to the tune of $1 billion. Since the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) starting cracking down on real estate tax non-compliance in 2015, more than $1 billion dollars.

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