effective tax rates (ETR) differ from statutory tax rates in that they attempt to measure taxes paid as a proportion of economic income, while statutory rates indicate the amount of tax liability (before any credits) relative to taxable income, which is defined by tax law and reflects tax benefits and subsidies built into the law.

Income = Pre-tax earnings in $ million. U.S. Tax Rate Paid = Current portion of Federal taxes / Pre-tax earnings. Effective Tax Rate = All taxes declared (Current & Deferred, Domestic & Foreign) / Pre-tax earnings. There are many legitimate reasons that these rates differ from each other and from the U.S. statutory rate of 35%.

But that’s just one way that an S corporation will get you a lower tax rate. If you own a larger company (and keep in mind that it can’t have more than 100 shareholders, according to IRS S corporation rules), an S corporation designation allows you to get out of your income being taxed twice — once as income, and once as dividends.

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In the U.S. a qualified dividend is a type of dividend to which capital gains tax rates are applied. These tax rates are usually lower than regular income tax rates. In contrast, ordinary dividends that do not qualify for this tax preference are taxed at an individual’s normal income tax rate.

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Re: "Stem the tide of corporate flight," July 21 editorial. While the Denver Post editorial board bemoans a U.S. corporate tax rate "burden" of 35 percent, what it fails to take into consideration is the more illuminating effective tax rate. According to a column by Bruce Bartlett, former.

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