Tax, superannuation & the economy: What does the election result mean?


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company and superannuation taxes, albeit that these increases are driven by different factors. Superannuation tax receipts have risen due to changes in tax policy settings which were implemented in the 2017 Budget, while company tax receipts have risen due to dramatic increases in corporate profits. In particular, the strength in

 · They would reduce America’s corporate-tax rate – the highest in the OECD – to a far-more-competitive level. Some propose replacing the current personal and corporate income taxes with a.

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It is a month before Brazil's general election, so he promises to pay them all. The second is to avert a slow-moving economic crisis that threatens to. parties, most of which stand for nothing, and candidates, most of whom are non-entities.. Brazilians call this the “Tiririca effect”, after a clown whose spare.

The Objective Bill is being considered by the Economics Legislative. Better targeted tax concessions will make the superannuation system more. The transfer balance cap will be indexed and will grow in line with CPI, meaning the cap will be. tax on $25,000 of the concessional contributions, resulting in these amounts.

Allowing taxpayers to anticipate an announced law change would be likely, in some cases at least, to result in a refund of tax. The Commissioner can, before a payment is made, reasonably identify particular taxpayers to whom a payment would be made who have applied the law incorrectly.

Prime Minister Theresa May has just made a blunder for the ages. But most observers agree on one result: The election is a direct repudiation of May’s approach to the Brexit negotiations with the European Union. There are many different ways the UK could formally leave the EU, either retaining ties or cutting many.

Video 8:06 One element of the Government’s election plan, superannuation, is becoming a growing headache for Ma David lipson wed 1 jun 2016, 10:25 PM AEST The Government is facing serious fallout from its planned superannuation changes with a number of Liberal backbenchers trying to force a backdown.

 · Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn: GOP tax reform will push the stock market even higher. and hire more workers as a result of the tax reform.