What the federal election result means for the property market


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However, just two years on, and the strong likelihood of a Tory win in the snap election is good news for the property sector. Continuity is always good for the property market, because it means there’s no great shake up expected.

Gain insights into how the election result is set to impact each of the major capital city property markets. About the speaker: William Mitchell Head of Property Ironfish Head Office Will Mitchell is the Head of Property at Ironfish. He graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and The University of.

Few businesses will be eyeing this year’s federal. market, but the upcoming election will also shine the spotlight back on their fast growing public service advisory businesses. The big four firms..

 · If open data means anything, it applies to elections. But yet here we are, a week after the results, and open data around the results is hard to find. It matters because having that data allows us to understand the results better, and what they say about America today. It also means.

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What the midterm election results could mean for net neutrality. all online traffic equally were implemented in 2015 by the Federal Communications Commission.. continues- here’s what.

May, announced there would be a ‘snap’ general election, which will be held on the 8th June.A general election will help the UK make a success of Brexit and provide long-term certainty, Theresa May says, but what Does The General Election Mean For The property market historically, a General Election leads to uncertainty.

The past few years has seen Victoria and Victorians face much uncertainty regarding the property market, and the uncertainty has touched all whether you be a.

Jo Eccles, the Managing Director of buying and relocation agency Sourcing Property, explains what the election result may mean for the London property market: "The election result is going to create further uncertainty, which is likely to keep London housing activity at its current lower levels, certainly for the short-term.

What the federal election result means for the property market 9News.com.au. UP NEXT. Brett Ratten takes the helm – says he wants Saints job long term – doesn’t rule out Blues AAP;